What it means to be married

We are nearing 6 months of marriage and I realize that the modern marriage has some unique challenges.


One of the key issues I think about as I lead my family is whether our marriage is is helping us to see more of Jesus. We all have different ideas of what that means but a burden for me is whether we are displaying to our community the beauty of marriage. I feel that our culture has exalted the dating scene so much that every pop magazine has a field day when a celebrity has a divorce and starts dating again. We use words like “prowl”, “free” and “empowered” when people are seen on the dating scene. One of my hopes is that our marriage displays the beauty of a union before God. The only real freedom we find is when we are walking in the redeemed life. I think what that is means is how Carmen is being used by God to help me in my weaknesses and I am leading her to step out where she would have been afraid before. Mutual support displays the grace of God. We often ask God to empower us and shelter us when we are weak and I think marriage is one of the means he uses to answer those prayers. 

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