You’re a quitter!

Something personal I hate quitting. It has never been in my nature to quit anything and being called a quitter is one of the hardest things for me to take. That’s why leaving the Marines was so hard for me. When I was young I always wanted to make my parents proud. Not only didContinue reading “You’re a quitter!”

David Pat’s workout plan- and leaving for China

I leave for China in the morning and I want to leave you with a blessing. A workout plan!Guys: Please do some cardio and some heavy weightsworkout: 4 sets of 10, only free weights no cables, try to go to failure on your 4th setdiet: drink milk, eat beefsleep: 8 hrs a nightLadies: CARDIO CARDIOContinue reading “David Pat’s workout plan- and leaving for China”

Poor people are the backbone of missions giving

  “Sorry I don’t have any $ but I found this $5 on the ground” That’s an actual quote from someone who put that in the missions offering this Sunday. That little note reminded me that Jesus changed the world with fishermen not businessmen. When I was moving out my sophomore year of college itContinue reading “Poor people are the backbone of missions giving”

Famous Asian/Latino/Black Christians

Whenever I look at the speakers for Christian conferences I notice how few of them are Asian, Latino or Black. There’s 2 ways to look at this issue. Either Christians of racial minorities aren’t being invited to speak at large conferences or there are fewer Christians from minority backgrounds leading prominent ministries. I think theContinue reading “Famous Asian/Latino/Black Christians”