My mom and I had a heated argument last night when we started talking about parenting. She comes from the Chinese way of thinking where she grew up under Communism and providing for me was the ultimate way of showing love. As an American christian, I see parenting as more than just provision. I believe that my role is to mentor, teach and love my son. It was a hard conversation because I had to tell her all the ways I wish she was there for me when I was growing up. I don’t think she was negligent but she just didn’t know that there were many things that I needed but couldn’t express both because I was a kid and there was a language barrier. It’s going to be tough raising Jeremiah because he will be a third generation Chinese American. We will speak English in our household but my mindset will still be very much like an immigrant because that was my experience growing up. I will have to learn how to parent him in a culture that was completely different than my own growing up. He won’t work in a family restaurant from a young age and I will have a lot more opportunities to be a part of his life. He will be very American in his thinking but it will be hard for me to communicate to him that his father is still Chinese and I want him to be Chinese too.
Some parents abandon their babies and have others raise their kid. After months of pregnancy and after holding their newborn, they decide to give up their child. I’ve been thinking about my work with orphans a lot more since I started fatherhood. When I hold my son close, I can’t imagine giving him up and hoping he goes on to live his life without ever knowing me. I’ve seen this story of abandonment all over the world and it makes me weep to know that millions of kids go through this. I’m sympathetic to how stressful it must be for a poor stressed out factory worker in China to have to care for a new life. I can also imagine the fear of seeing your new baby have a physical handicap and know that it will be a lifelong challenge. Being a father has changed the way I look at orphan care. I believe that the decision to abandon your child is excruciating but millions still do it. I also see how even a perfect orphanage can’t give a baby what they want the most. I know that God has me on a path to understand better how we are all called to find more ways to help solve the global orphan crisis. My heart has changed since I became a father myself.
I’ve been biking to the gym after my son dozes off for his early nap. The gym has been a refuge from these new stresses and my health means more to me now than ever before. I felt sick two days ago and it was insanely tiring trying to care for a newborn. I also really want to get better at Bodybuilding. I know it’s a bigger challenge to even get on stage but I still feel like I haven’t realized my potential. I always thought that my peak would be when I’m around 36 years old and I want to work towards that goal. I want my family to pursue their calling and I want to lead by example.  I’ve been using the www.GainsinBulk.comAthlete’s Digestive Formula for a year now and I love it as a digestive aid. I used to just take a probiotic but I get a lot less bloating and gas with their formula. If you want to give their products a try use my promo code DavidP10 for 10% off your order! #GainsInBulk #GIB #PNBA #INBA @inbaglobal_official @gainsinbulk #teamusa #bodybuilding #weightloss #fitness #curls #arms #shredding #legs #contestprep #bodybuilding #worldchampionships #inbaglobal #naturalbodybuilding #muscleshow #musclecontest #Worldchampionships #INBA
They told me to sit by myself as they prepared Carmen for surgery. We had been at the hospital for almost 24 hours and her labor wasn’t progressing. The doctor recommended a C Section surgery and we agreed. As I sat in a hallway next to the operating room, I thought about my wife and my unborn son. I had no power to help either of them. This was the biggest moment of our lives and I have no control. I opened my Bible to the Psalms and read. I was looking for comfort and reassurance. This is why I worship Jesus. In the midst of fear and anxiety, I know I’m not alone. I believe in a personal God who cares about this moment right now. He knows the outcome of the surgery and he’s watching over our family. This is just the first struggle for our young family and we are learning that his grace will always be sufficient.