Christians are not against homosexuals

God is the great “I Am” not the great “I Am Not”. What that means is that we do not define ourselves in the negative but instead we see ourselves as part of the Kingdom of God. That means… We are pro-heterosexual We are for the sacredness of marriage We believe that human sexuality isContinue reading “Christians are not against homosexuals”

10 people I know who love the prosperity Gospel

So I have a friend who… believes that being a Christian means God will make your life easier in this world God is a faithful father and will never let his kids wear rags attending church and donating money guarantees God will give u back twofold what you gave! the best part of the GospelContinue reading “10 people I know who love the prosperity Gospel”

Apathy in Asian America

There can never be enough to say about how apathetic the Asian American church is. Partially becuz we have been blessed with so much education, money and opportunity. But blessing in itself doesn’t cause apathy, instead these are some causes of apathy: Lack of challenges Nothing to be passionate about Feelings of futility to thatContinue reading “Apathy in Asian America”

10 reasons men shouldn’t be Pastors

The following was presented by Dr. David Scholer at the Fuller Follies (Fuller’s annual spoof/talent show) in 1998. I’m a complementarian but this is hilarious. This goes to show some of the stupid arguments of the gender debate. Dave’s Top Ten Reasons That Men Should Not Be Ordained: 10. A man’s place is in theContinue reading “10 reasons men shouldn’t be Pastors”

Fundraising week #3- I love supporters who are poor

Worst moment of the week– I have a rich friend who I’ve known throughout college who I recently met up with. He is a business man who made a fortune through a legal services company that he later sold and is now just collecting consulting royalties on. It was pretty discouraging asking a Christian who’sContinue reading “Fundraising week #3- I love supporters who are poor”

Did John Calvin have the Holy Spirit

My professor is editing articles for a HUGE Christian dictionary that is going to be released soon and the world’s foremost expert on John Calvin submitted to him an article on the spiritual walk of John Calvin (piety) but it had almost nothing about Calvin hearing from God, the Holy Spirit or Calvin’s walking inContinue reading “Did John Calvin have the Holy Spirit”

200 years ago Christians fought to end the slave trade. People like William Wilberforce and David Livingstone risked their lives, their wealth and prestige to end an institution that oppressed entire generations. Today God is calling us to consider the evils of our time and he is asking us if we are willing to takeContinue reading