Dating needs to be less like marriage

I watched a television broadcast of Mark Sanford’s wife (governor of South Carolina) say how she is filing for divorce because he said this woman from South America was his eternal love and is basically throwing his wife and children. Its surprising that he continues to look for his “eternal love” even though he’s married…Continue reading “Dating needs to be less like marriage”

Is it wrong to be pretty? -response to Boundless podcast

Around 16 minutes they talk about can you marry someone shorter than you (girls talking about ideal guy)…(Click the Itunes or Listen now link on the right under the img, episode 117) This conversation annoys me because I felt like the conversation didn’t revolve around how marriage about making you happy in God versus beingContinue reading “Is it wrong to be pretty? -response to Boundless podcast”

Honesty in relationships (are u shady?)

Carmen and I are learning about honesty in our pre-marital counseling and I can see why secrets can destroy relationships. You need to know the person you are marrying and a good relationship can’t be built on lies. How do you get closer to someone that you are not sure you know? Important things toContinue reading “Honesty in relationships (are u shady?)”