I have to hide faces of both the kids and the workers because this children’s home is a shelter for kids from abusive families. There have been threats made against the staff and the kids here 😥. I call this place an orphanage because some of the kids have lived here for years and there no plans for them to be reunited with their families. I’m at a loss for how to write about my thoughts and feelings from this trip. I always left the orphanages in China with a lot of hope but hearing some of these stories from Budapest made me really sad. I think the staff here are some of the best I’ve worked with but kids are not meant to grow up in a shelter. Most orphans in the world have parents who are still alive. In China, kids are abandoned at birth with no way of contacting their parents. Here in Budapest, they have information about these kids’ families but reuniting them can often be dangerous. I’m praying through how I can best serve these kids going forward. Please 🙏 with me.

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This trip was sown with the tears of late nights trying to coordinate with our Hungarian and Chinese partners. This was early days of OMF work meetings and feeding baby Jeremiah. The hope is that our Hungarian comic book might speak some truth and love into the life of a 6 year old who has been living in this children’s home since he was born because his dad was abusive. My hope is that somehow all these months of work might somehow be worth more than a fun afternoon for these kids. May God bless small things done for a big Savior.

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I want to personally apologize if you think the Chinese are racist. Many times we act like our culture is the only one worth learning. I can feel in my own heart how lazy I am sometimes to learn the histories of the different peoples that I serve. We came to Heroe’s Square as a team to make an honest commitment to honor the history of Hungary. We realize that we are guests in this country and we want to honor that opportunity. Thousands of Chinese have already come to Budapest in the last few years and I can sense that relations are already not great between the two cultures. Please 🙏 for us that we can be part of those who will help bridge cultures and show that God desires that all people would come to the cross through love. We are trying to grow in our love for the people of 🇭🇺.

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Had a chance to share the Gospel and talk about life with my new friend Kostas. After 4 hours of driving around Greece together, I learned a lot about his previous life as a Special Forces Paratrooper and his new life as a husband. It’s always hard for me to hear about the lives of soldiers after they leave the military. I heard from Kostas his feelings of being betrayed and let down by military leaders and politicians. These stories remind me why I believe in making changes through the Kingdom of God. There is only nation whose ruler who rules justly and whose agenda is only about serving his people. I was reminded in these last few days to 🙏 for the people of Greece. They are a resilient and good spirited people who have a hope that their family, their culture and their people will have a future of peace and growth. I 🙏 that my ❤️ will remember all the Greek people in my life and to be patient in listening to their stories. I’m starting to learn and love the peoples of Europe more. I’ve never heard the stories of ordinary Europeans until these last few years. I’m thankful to make new friends and I’m thankful for the process of growth that they have started me on.

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I used my first ever bodybuilding payday to print these comic books for the Hungarian orphans. I was disappointed in taking 3rd place but the prize money was EXACTLY the amount I needed! 💥🔥🙏 Fundraising for this missions trip to Budapest was much harder than every previous trip because I’ve tried my best to balance my missionary work with daddy daycare. I was super discouraged these last few weeks and was ready to cancel the trip several times during the prep. Having these comic books in hand and paid with bodybuilding earnings reminds me that God is faithful and works all things together for my good. Now I just have to protect these books from Jeremiah so I can get them to the orphans in Budapest 😂

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It’s lonely being an Asian American athlete. In high school I didn’t go out with my friends after school because I was the only one who had wrestling practice. I couldn’t go out on Saturdays because I had all day Track meets. I would be called lazy by the kids in SAT prep classes because I wasn’t using my few free hours to try to boost my college resume. I was good at the things that no one cared about and bad at the things Asian parents talk about. I’m thankful for the diversity in Bodybuilding. It’s helped me to see that everyone has a different story of why they are doing the sport and what they are doing it for. My journey is not about winning trophies. It’s not about titles. I’m learning about why God has made me this way. I’m seeing that my life is not a mistake. This journey is still hard but a little less lonely. Everyday I’m learning to become the person that God wants me to be, even if that means I’m different. #bodybuilding #naturalbodybuilding @inbaglobal_official

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