How many foreign missionaries are there in the world?

Ever wonder how many workers are actually serving in unevangelized lands? World Evangelization Research Center Pointing the way to the least evangelized  A. THE UNEVANGELIZED WORLD Present cost of Christian foreign missions:  $250 million a year 26 restricted-access (closed) countries 10,200 foreign missionaries (2.4%) No citywide evangelistic campaigns 20,500 full-time Christian workers Number of Christian Martyrs Worldwide:Continue reading “How many foreign missionaries are there in the world?”

If you’re my supporter please read this:

I am at about 45% of my support goal as of today and OMF is trying to get me started this month but obviously I’m having a lot of problem starting before all my support is in. I have talked to 150 people personally about missions support and of those 150: 40 have responded $17,000Continue reading “If you’re my supporter please read this:”

I don’t cry often but this was heartbreaking

I’ve been serving in the Youth for 5 years now and before our current pastor came, I lead worship and gave the message every Friday and Sunday for a year. Throughout all this, our leadership received no help from most of the parents but youth group is usually like that everywhere. So tonight when IContinue reading “I don’t cry often but this was heartbreaking”

Business missions good but not great

This is in response to article for Business as Missions for the Wall Street Journal I love creative strategies for missions. It would be hypocritical for me to praise traditional methods of missions becuz I use bodybuilding as a primary means of breaking new ground. But…. Businessmen are limited in their ability to church plantContinue reading “Business missions good but not great”

Reasons for Child Sacrifice/Abortion

In ancient times you would sacrifice your child to a local pagan deity in order to: be protected from tragedy/misfortune influence deities to give your family health and good fortune get rid of an unwanted child WebMD says these are the top reasons for abortions. Birth control (contraceptive) failure. Over half of all women whoContinue reading “Reasons for Child Sacrifice/Abortion”