Photo journey of helping Migrant kids

Migrant Children are the illegal immigrants of Shanghai. Exploited, less education and less chances to succeed in life All Chinese students are required to learn English in school but Migrant Children have unqualified teachers who are unable to help them pass tests they need to get into college Our ministry is to help the kidsContinue reading “Photo journey of helping Migrant kids”

Bodybuilding just isn’t that fun to watch…

  That’s the reason they came up with this new Team Challenge category. Having some just flex for 2 minutes on stage really isn’t that entertaining when the entire show runs about 3 hours without much variation. You can have an amazing body but the crowd still gets pretty tired after seeing about 50 peopleContinue reading “Bodybuilding just isn’t that fun to watch…”

Christians beaten unconscious in China

Violent Pre-Dawn Attack Date: September 23, 2009 Country: China At 3 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 13, a mass of 400 people in police suits and red armbands rushed the Good News Cloth Shoes Factory located on the land of the Fushan Church’s building in Linfin City, Shanxi Province, China, according to a ChinaAid report. The power, waterContinue reading “Christians beaten unconscious in China”