Pastors that are good should…

So of the 60+ applications we have received for the new English Pastor at Harvest SD maybe only about 5 of them are qualified for a variety of reasons. Here are the some of the deal breakers that have come up as we dsicussed them as a pastor search committee. 


Theology: We value Reformed theology. We aren’t Reformed nor are we part of a denomination that is but the sovereignty of God, the unity of the Bible and the primacy of the Gospel are central to who we are as Harvest. (Sorry those that wrote fluffy answers or gave too brief summaries of their beliefs)


Ministry experience: This is HUGE for me. Being a pastor isn’t something that you just wake up and decide to do cuz you like serving. I am looking for a track record of faithful service. It is evidence that God is leading you in this vocation. (I appreciate the heart of those who applied but you need to have formal ministry experience)


Teachability: The English congregation is young and as a church we are relatively new. We don’t need a person who has all the answers but instead is willing to learn the ways to best serve the church. (Your references matter, I need to see that your senior pastor loves you =op)


Leadership: Have you lead anything in your life!? But also, are you constantly taking steps to improve your leadership? (People don’t want to be managed, they want to be lead. Some candidates have been in positions of management but there were no signs they have successfully lead anything)


Grammar: Dude seriously….



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