Only 3 percent of families in San Diego look like ours. When Jeremiah goes to school, most of his classmates will not understand when I speak to him in Shanghainese. His grandparents will tell him about family traditions that make no sense to our neighbors. When @tiffatsea and I came out with our book, All Year for One Day, we wanted to start conversations about race so that our kids can hopefully live in a better world. Differences do not have to divide us but instead we can learn to appreciate the diversity around us. Each ethnicity and each culture brings something unique and special. When we start from a place of curiosity, we can start to understand the traditions and practices that make us who we are.
Not everyone likes new art. When we came out with our 8 bit comic book, some people were confused on what it was. We wanted to tell stories about Jesus in a way that was fun and fresh. Too many Gospel materials are only appealing to Christians who are used to boring art styles. When we came out with the Gospel of John in 8 bit we wanted to push the boundaries of Christian art. We learned a lot in this process and we are going to keep asking ourselves if we can the stories of the Bible more accessible. Everyone should have a chance to learn about Jesus.