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My parents had to leave Shanghai and go through Hong Kong to get to the US because America was restricting immigration from the mainland. The business laws weren’t easy to navigate but my mom figured out how to open a restaurant in Phoenix and we had that restaurant for 20 years. I know it was hard for them to start a business and to raise me but they were hard workers and Christians in our community really blessed our family. Carmen and I live comfortably in San Diego with our baby but we are surrounded by new immigrants from all over the world. These families go through the exact same hardships my parents endured when they emigrated. This is a moment for our family to bless others just like my own family was blessed. Every day I have to remind myself that Christians in Phoenix went out of their way to help a struggling immigrant family with a baby. I 🙏 God helps me to do the same for families in San Diego.
Had the honor this weekend of speaking at a men’s retreat and we discussed how we can be more inclusive in ministry. I want you all to know that your church leaders do struggle with the hard issues. We are aware of the racism, sexism and the tone deafness that some of you see in church. It bothers us too but we are also listening to God for answers. Please be patient with us and pray for us. It’s easy to be reactionary to the issues we see today but we want to honor God with listening and thoughtful action.
This weekend will be the biggest test of balancing my work with doing daddy daycare. This week I started taking Jeremiah to the UTC library to take baby french classes and to go on the swing for the first time. I also tried to get my sermon prep done and it was a mad dash to try to find time during Jeremiah’s naps and in my 5am-9am work period before Jeremiah wakes up. I will be doing a big speaking engagement for Orchard Community Church. I will be doing 4 messages as their Men’s Retreat speaker. My messages will cover Israel’s war with the Philistines and how we can partner with the global church in missions from San Diego . Please pray for my  messages. This was the hardest prep I’ve ever done because it’s a lot of messages and Jeremiah was difficult all week 😥