I was hoping that these trips to the orphanage in Budapest would introduce our Chinese partners to the needs of abandoned and hurt children in Hungary. It was my dream that the Chinese living in Budapest and our partners in Shanghai would catch a vision to help these kids. But after this last trip, I realize that this dream will probably not come true. On our last trip to the orphanage, none of the Chinese in Budapest wanted to come out and serve the kids. There has also been no interest from our partners in Shanghai. While at the same time, I have been asked to bring teams to serve Han Chinese kids in different parts of China. I’m writing this update last because I am super thankful to all of you who have partnered in serving these hurting children of Hungary. The staff of the Hungarian orphanage really appreciated the work of our team and the kids wanted to continue to follow up with us after we left. They really enjoyed the Gospel of John comic book and are thankful that we came to serve them. But I can’t shake the disappointment I feel from this trip. My Chinese partners in Budapest and Shanghai are not interested in learning about the Hungarian culture nor are they interested in learning about why these kids are living in a group home. I’ve tried multiple times over these last few years to share the needs of the Hungarian people but my follow up conversations have always ended up about when I would be able to bring another team to China. I’ve talked with my missionary co-workers and they understand my frustration. They are experiencing similar issues when they have asked their Chinese partners to serve in mission to other fields. There has been no interest in serving those who are not Han Chinese and who are not Mandarin speaking. I brought my first team to Shanghai 15 years ago. I’ve seen a lot of people get saved and the church grow in numbers. There are still a lot of areas in which the church needs to grow. I don’t have a clear path forward about what to do in Budapest. Please pray. There are a lot of hurting kids in Budapest who still want our help but right now we have no workers.

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