Had a chance to share the Gospel and talk about life with my new friend Kostas. After 4 hours of driving around Greece together, I learned a lot about his previous life as a Special Forces Paratrooper and his new life as a husband. It’s always hard for me to hear about the lives of soldiers after they leave the military. I heard from Kostas his feelings of being betrayed and let down by military leaders and politicians. These stories remind me why I believe in making changes through the Kingdom of God. There is only nation whose ruler who rules justly and whose agenda is only about serving his people. I was reminded in these last few days to πŸ™ for the people of Greece. They are a resilient and good spirited people who have a hope that their family, their culture and their people will have a future of peace and growth. I πŸ™ that my ❀️ will remember all the Greek people in my life and to be patient in listening to their stories. I’m starting to learn and love the peoples of Europe more. I’ve never heard the stories of ordinary Europeans until these last few years. I’m thankful to make new friends and I’m thankful for the process of growth that they have started me on.

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