It’s lonely being an Asian American athlete. In high school I didn’t go out with my friends after school because I was the only one who had wrestling practice. I couldn’t go out on Saturdays because I had all day Track meets. I would be called lazy by the kids in SAT prep classes because I wasn’t using my few free hours to try to boost my college resume. I was good at the things that no one cared about and bad at the things Asian parents talk about. I’m thankful for the diversity in Bodybuilding. It’s helped me to see that everyone has a different story of why they are doing the sport and what they are doing it for. My journey is not about winning trophies. It’s not about titles. I’m learning about why God has made me this way. I’m seeing that my life is not a mistake. This journey is still hard but a little less lonely. Everyday I’m learning to become the person that God wants me to be, even if that means I’m different. #bodybuilding #naturalbodybuilding @inbaglobal_official

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