I realized in therapy that I’m still upset at my parents because I wish I had better mentorship growing up. Growing up Chinese American was really hard and I felt I lacked the guidance for how to handle the challenges and obstacles I faced. I still struggle because I haven’t found good examples of being an Asian athlete in America. I’m still trying to learn what it means to be a missionary living in San Diego. My personal journey makes me passionate about mentorship. It makes me especially passionate about mentoring those who are trying to figure out their identity without the help of parents. In less than a month I will be in Budapest working with orphans from both Budapest and Shanghai. My goal will be to help them find their identity in Christ. What does your calling look like when you are disadvantaged? How does God stand up for the needs of orphans? We are finalizing plans now for our workshops and the different outings we want to have. We’ve seen from our work in Shanghai that one of the most effective ways to reach orphans is to create great experiences around good Bible study and asking the locals to be culture teachers. This way, we serving them and they feel involved in showing us their city. We are hoping to create lifelong friendships. God willing, this will be a multi-year journey for us all and we will see God raise up a new generation of people who are passionate about Jesus. May that passion also spread out to more nations in the form of new workers!

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