I was really sad when I went to Mary’s hometown of Gao Yao. 10 years ago, I saw a city that was developing but few people cared about the outcome of girls without parents. It was amazing to see most of the orphan girls accept Christ but I knew our work wasn’t done if we couldn’t help them become successful adults. I really wanted to see them grow in their calling. I knew that they were not destined to just in the back of a church service. Mary, has always shown a natural talent for language. Even as a teenager, I was amazed by how fast she picked up English. Without taking a language class, she just understood how to hear and pick up languages. That’s why I was so eager to bring her to Budapest. In 2017, God opened a lot of doors and allowed her to join our team serving orphans in Budapest. Mary would be an example for what is possible. Could an orphan girl without education be a great missionary? Could she learn the culture and language? Could she mobilize other orphans from China to see their calling as servants to those who are most disenfranchised? Together, we are going to find out. This summer, Mary will be leading 2 other orphan girls from China to join our team in Budapest and we are going to see if this is a long term calling for her. God has allowed me to do missions because his spirit has been upon my life. I wonder what God is going to do in Mary’s life. Will she be a great missionary? She doesn’t fit a lot of the criteria we look for in candidates. She’s not educated enough, she doesn’t have the help of a family and she carries scars from being alone as a child. I hope you will join me in praying. People look at the outside but God looks at the heart. What will this next generation of missionaries look like?

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