Proud of my guys for overcoming their unique challenges to get to this point. Less than a month left before they step on stage at the Inba Pnba Denny Kakos Iron Gladiator. This is a long difficult journey, make sure to cheer these guys on. The road to the stage takes a lot of sacrifice and pain. Everyday they are learning what it takes to grow in discipline and dedication. Chris Koo will be doing Open Bodybuilding and Charles Klinedinst will be competing in the Physically Challenged division. My new favorite supplement is a digestive aid from . Their probiotic is made specifically for athletes and even contains lactase to help breakdown protein shakes. If you want to give their products a try use my promo code DavidP10 for 10% off your order! #GainsInBulk #GIB #PNBA #INBA @inbaglobal_official @gainsinbulk #teamusa #bodybuilding #weightloss #fitness #curls #arms #shredding #legs #contestprep #bodybuilding #worldchampionships #inbaglobal #naturalbodybuilding #muscleshow #musclecontest #Worldchampionships #INBA

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