New book alert! I’ve been trying to find good books for Jeremiah and I’m not satisfied with the themes and characters of children’s books. I want to teach Jeremiah about adoption because Carmen and I both work with foster families and adoptive families. I also want him to see characters with disabilities because I want him to learn inclusion from an early age. Crystal, Christine and I are working on a new book called Jeremiah Lionheart. It’s a book about a mom and dad lion who adopt a little lamb who is missing a leg. The story is about the lamb learning to be part of the pride and to find pride in how he is different (see what we did there 😆). Crystal is doing the art and Christine is giving inspiration to the scenes through real life stories of her own family. We are hoping to release the book in time for Jeremiah’s 1st birthday on May 11! The hope is to also bring the translated book to Budapest and Shanghai his year as a gift to orphans.

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