I’m preaching at CEC this weekend about reconciliation between the different generations. I think a lot of our church life is hurt because the younger generation has been really damaged by their parent’s generation and there is rarely ever an apology. While the older generation is sad that young people don’t take the time to understand the harsh and cruel upbringing the older generation has had to endure to get us where we are. In Acts 10, Peter sees a vision where a sheet is lowered from Heaven with many unclean animals. The vision disturbs Peter but God shows him that he has made clean the stuff that used to be unclean. This powerful moment pushed forward a movement where the Jews started to accept Christians who didn’t follow Jewish practices. (Arek Avedis Yetenekian depicts this scene in Chinese block art) In this vision, the people of God started to see how God wanted to bring his people together. My prayer for this Sunday is that we would be a people of repentance and we would make a commitment to heal. We’ve accepted brokenness for too long. Jesus wants to unite his church.

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