This week I started therapy. Having a baby has been a challenge for Carmen and me. It has made me realize how my own family history has brought a lot of baggage into my efforts in becoming a good dad. Marriage counseling has really helped us but now I realize that I need to start working through my own personal family issues before Carmen and I can continue our growth together. After my parents divorce, I realize now that I kept a lot of my hurt bottled inside but I see how that hurt affects my relationship with my own son. I don’t want to accept the brokenness but instead I believe that God has a better life for me. I’m excited because I feel like God has me on a journey of healing for both myself and my family. In the same way that I’ve had great people help me grow as an athlete, I feel like this next chapter of my life is about growth in my inner life. Please pray for me as I start to explore issues that I’ve never really confronted before. I know it will be challenging and stretching.

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