Bethel Seminary San Diego is closing. Our family spent years of our lives and invested tens of thousands of dollars so that we could prepare ourselves as ministers here. Unfortunately there has been a failure of vision casting, leadership and problem solving that is leading to the closing of the San Diego campus after its 40 year history of shaping Christian leaders in San Diego and around the world. Though I’m overwhelmed with sadness, I also recognize that American Christianity has changed and I’m hopeful that God is not going to stop his work in this city. In a lot of ways, the closing of our seminary is a reflection of the failure of American Christian leadership. God is still calling a people to himself and he wants his people to be lead by people who are humble, cross cultural and who can see with God’s eyes. We should mourn the loss of a great institution but we should also see this as a time of repentance and waiting. Let us be ready for the next chapter of God’s salvation history. It won’t look the same and a new story is about to be told.

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