After about a month of daddy daycare we are still alive and learning. We’ve figured out a schedule where Carmen feeds Jeremiah before she leaves for work and I bottle feed for the next couple of meals. I start my day at 5am and with the help of Jeremiah’s 2-3 naps I’ve been able to get my sermon prep done. After a couple of speaking engagements, the system isn’t perfect but it has been manageable. He’s actually been calm when visiting new churches and Carmen has been a superhero taking care of him while I preach and meet people. Please pray for us as we head into our busy season. Next month I’ll be speaking at a men’s retreat and we fly up to SF to help out with an OMF workshop at Cumberland Church the last week of October. Our babycare system is still a work in progress and we’re going to have to adapt because there’s going to be more road travel soon and Jeremiah goes crazy in the car sometimes. I’m definitely more tired now but I’m really glad that Jeremiah gets to join me in my work. I used to help out at my family’s restaurant as a kid and that’s where I learned my love for business. I hope Jeremiah learns to love ministry. He really enjoys going to new places and seeing new faces. My prayer is that he likes this pace of life. Our family is committed to serving God in the hard places and I hope that we can share that passion with him. If you would like to be a partner with me and my ministry you can donate at

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