Some parents abandon their babies and have others raise their kid. After months of pregnancy and after holding their newborn, they decide to give up their child. I’ve been thinking about my work with orphans a lot more since I started fatherhood. When I hold my son close, I can’t imagine giving him up and hoping he goes on to live his life without ever knowing me. I’ve seen this story of abandonment all over the world and it makes me weep to know that millions of kids go through this. I’m sympathetic to how stressful it must be for a poor stressed out factory worker in China to have to care for a new life. I can also imagine the fear of seeing your new baby have a physical handicap and know that it will be a lifelong challenge. Being a father has changed the way I look at orphan care. I believe that the decision to abandon your child is excruciating but millions still do it. I also see how even a perfect orphanage can’t give a baby what they want the most. I know that God has me on a path to understand better how we are all called to find more ways to help solve the global orphan crisis. My heart has changed since I became a father myself.

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