Thanks everyone for supporting us this year as we got ready for our son’s arrival. We were really blessed to have so many of our family and friends help us with baby stuff, advice and especially those who have increased their support for my work with OMF and Renewal Missions. I am thankful that my book has been well received and I was able to raise enough through donations to cover the two months of unpaid  paternity leave that I will be taking. I know my son will face challenges as he grows up and I hope my stories will help him be unique and brave for Christ. When my parents came to the US, they were poor and trying to start their own business. They weren’t able to spend a lot of time with me when I was a baby. I lived in China for the first few years of my life so my grandparents could take care of me. We are blessed that we have the opportunity to be there for our son. In the next two months, my focus will be on helping Carmen recover from giving birth and making sure that Jeremiah is loved and cared for. It means a lot to me that I will be able to be at home. I want to be a good father for him and I want to make sure that I do my fair share of caring for him. Carmen and I are going to have to learn how to be parents together but it’s a challenge that we want to take on together as a team. Please let me know if you want to visit! We are going to be at home for the next few weeks and we would love to see you! Jeremiah is already growing really fast and might be at his maximum cuteness right now 😇😀

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