(2002) When I sat down with a recruiter, I was told about the Marine Corps scholarship that would pay for my college in exchange for me serving as an officer after my graduation. I was excited to apply even though I knew there would only be a small chance for me to get it. I knew thousands applied every year, but my college dreams rested on me getting it. I spent the rest of my senior year in high school worrying about what my future would hold. The scholarship was on my mind every day. Would I be going to college? Would I even get into a school where I wanted to go? My first choice was to get into UCSD, but I had low SAT scores. The only thing I could control now was my fitness, so I trained every day with the hope that I would be ready for the Marine Corps physical fitness tests. I remember the day that I did the tests for military processing. I had been training for the three-mile run and the twenty pull-ups test. But I was most worried about my interview with the base executive officer. I walked in not knowing what to expect. The first thing that he brought up was that I had listed Christian Club as one of my school activities. I was scared as to why he mentioned that first, but I told him that it was my passion to share about Jesus at my school. Surprisingly, he was also a Christian, and we spent the next half hour talking about how faith should influence leadership. A few months later, I got a package in the mail, notifying me that I had been awarded a Marine Corps scholarship. I would start classes at UCSD in the fall and would train with Naval Reserve Officer Training Command in San Diego. Soon after, I met Carmen Pat, started serving in China and realized that I would have to resign my scholarship… Book Excerpt – Would you like a copy? There’s a download link for the digital version at the end of the form or I can mail you a signed physical copy. Link in bio

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