This is the most our family has ever been served. It’s been an amazing year to experience the outpouring of love from our community around the world. I think my mom worried a lot when I chose to pursue ministry because she wanted me to get a MBA and do something business related. Most of my family who are my age, make about 5 times what I make and I think my parents worry how I can raise a family in San Diego. It’s a valid fear and probably why there are so few Chinese Americans in professional ministry. Today was a reminder of the blessings that are harder to quantify. We were really blessed when some leaders in our church gave us some special gifts. Karen Leong gave Carmen Pat a baby cake (a bunch of baby supplies in a cake form) and expressed her willingness to help her out with any mom advice she might need. Dale Lieu, a church elder, bought 6 of my books for the church staff because he really felt that sharing my story would help me work better with the church staff. My job is to help get people into ministry and I hear about the fears of this profession everyday. The difficulties have ranged from writing 40 page seminary papers to having my life threatened. There were a lot of times where I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue doing a job where my success is ultimately measured when I get to Heaven. Today though, I was reminded why this job is amazing. I get to serve amazing people and when our family needs help the most, they serve us too.

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