I won’t be working for two months when the baby comes. I won’t be preaching, writing, actively discipling or leading teams overseas. That does not mean that my ministry will stop. I hope to live out my calling in being a father and a husband. Whenever I speak with ambitious ministers, I notice that they never mention their families. Missions history is also full of men who built huge organizations but had their families fall apart. I understand that a lot of cultures don’t encourage men to take a large role in home life but I am convinced that the Bible teaches men to take care of their home before they can take care of others. Thank you for supporting us in this time. I will be taking two months of unpaid leave alongside Carmen’s maternity leave. We will be missing out on about $8,000 in wages. Some of you have donated generously to this book project and helped us tremendously in this difficult but joyous time. I feel the pressure of wanting to do more this year and working through paternity leave but your outpouring of care has helped me to just really enjoy my family. It means a lot to me that you are celebrating this baby with us. I have my book in both physical and digital form. There’s a download link for the digital version at the end of the order form. Link in bio

View on Instagram https://ift.tt/2jwEovz

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