Carmen and I didn’t start our marriage with much. I was only 24 and she was only 23 but we were in love. We spent the first few years of our marriage in seminary so that we could be better equipped for ministry. We worked while we were in school and we spent most of our money on tuition. We learned a lot about balancing a budget and never felt like we missed out on anything. Now that our baby is arriving, I sometimes wonder if it is wise to start our family in a small apartment. It’s going to be cramped if our family want to stay over. I’ve been reading a lot of baby guides but I want to keep things simple because we don’t have a lot of room. I’m proud of our little place though. It’s what we could afford to rent and we chose this place together. We are going to teach our son about sacrifice. We are going to teach him that love is always worth it. My new book is ready! Would you like a copy? I have digital PDF and print. There’s a download link for the digital version at the end of the form. Link in bio

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