I don’t want to lead every single team. We need a more diverse group of leaders in ministry. We need more women, we need more Chinese nationals and we need more orphans. I was so excited on Easter morning when I saw Mary post pictures of her recent trip to an orphanage in Nanjing. I never told her to go, she went because she wanted to. She spent her own money, get on public transit and traveled hours to Nanjing, BY HERSELF! I talked with her afterwards and found out that she brought food and prayed for all the orphans. She sees herself as a minister. I cried after I heard her testimony. The work of missions is so hard. As a mobilizer, I see so many great candidates pursue other things because ministry does ask you to give up so much. I am so amazed by Mary because she didn’t do this as part of a program that someone in America organized. She had the courage to do this by herself. She took on all the burden of planning and and traveled alone. I am even more proud because she posted this on social media which I’ve been trying to get every minister to use more. Please pray that we can continue to help Mary Chen on her journey. She is unique because she is an orphan serving orphans. She feels their stories on a level that the rest of us will never understand because we didn’t grow up in that world.

View on Instagram https://ift.tt/2EQSCiR

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