I have no pictures with my mom from when I was seven until I was fifteen. That’s because after my parents’ divorce, my mom drove us to Los Angeles and she had a really hard time providing for us. We never took vacations and she was always too tired to take me out. My mom was a nurse in China and then ran our restaurant in Arizona. She never went to college and had no job experience in the US. She desperately wanted for me to be in a good school district and she waitressed at two restaurants to provide us a small apartment in Arcadia. Carmen works with low income immigrant families and it hurts me to think of what they are going through because it reminds me of my family. I think about my son who will be born soon and I hope he is compassionate. I don’t have the same challenges that my parents faced. For my son, I hope he learns to love those who are poor. I pray that we can teach him to love migrants. He’s going to be a third generation Chinese American but I hope he can still identify with the immigrant experience. I hope that my book will connect him with his family and that he will be sensitive to the struggles of others. Order the book! All donations for the book will be a huge help to our family because I’ll be taking two months of unpaid  paternity leave when the baby comes. Order link in bio

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