Order the book! Link in bio. I named this book “A Love Story” because it is made up of stories of how I felt loved by God and how I am learning to love others. My journey is not about a set of goals that I set out to accomplish. What I’ve learned along the way is that the greatest prize is to live a life of love. These are stories of the love that I am chasing, the love I never experienced and the love that I want to share with others. My hope is that my story can encourage others who are on their journey of self discovery. I’ve always wished there were more Asian American voices in literature and I hope I can encourage those who might have an immigrant story like my own. As I’m getting older, I’m realizing more how my parents journey to America has changed my life and my own sense of identity. I also hope to encourage anyone out there who might feel that the calling of God is impossible. I tell the stories of how it was the grace of God and the support of my community that kept me going. God carried me through a church split and a long road of feeling lost in my bodybuilding career. Throughout the book I also write about how Carmen and I are called to be on this journey together. I’ve seen so many families torn apart by careers in the military, ministry and sports. These are our stories of how we endured the hardships together. This is a love story. (This will also be on Amazon Kindle. I’ll let you know when it is ready if you prefer the Kindle version.)

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