This was the hardest section for me to write and Carmen Pat is helping me edit this before we go to print this week. I know I’m not done discovering what my identity is but this story has been a huge step on my journey. “For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel self conscious about being Chinese American. We were at the World Championships and every ethnicity was represented. No one thought it was weird that the Captain for the US team was Chinese American. Many of countries were being represented by ethnic minorities. God has used my bodybuilding journey to help me understand myself and to understand others. I was amazed to hear stories of guys like Meetei who has lived in different Asian countries and sees his identity as a mix. I met Mahdi and Melody who are not what you might expect a couple from New Zealand to look like.On the world stage, I felt like my own story made sense. I didn’t feel different anymore. I started to feel love for my own journey. I am Chinese American. I cannot separate out the different cultures inside me and I don’t have to. This is who I am. Book excerpt – We are going to print this week! If you want a copy, please help me figure out how many physical copies to print by pre-ordering! Link in bio

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