3 tips for missional singlehood

You have probably heard that singlehood was a gift but are not sure why. Here are some ways that singlehood is a blessing for those who are seeking to be missional.

1. Freedom to travel. Being single means that you have the ability to make decisions without having to worry about a spouse or kids. Take advantage of this. Many mission trips will work around a working person’s short vacation time. Use traveling as  a chance to serve the unreached.

2. Opportunity for discipleship. There is always a short supply of disciplers. Find someone at your church who you can disciple, encourage and help grow. Good Christian disciplers are the biggest help for young people to think outside of their own needs and to focus on what God is doing in the world.

3. Take Perspectives or other classes on missions. Use your free time to learn more about missions. There is a good chance that a Perspectives course is being taught in your area and it is a great place to learn and talk about missions.

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