Why your church needs to support those who speak in Tongues

The problem with the use of tongues first starts with our theology. What is most important here is maybe not our theology of the continuation of spiritual gifts but how we believe they are to be used in the body of Christ. The Apostle Paul encouraged the Church to see itself as the one body of Christ. Certain gifts in the Church can not say to others that they are not needed. Every member of the body of Christ performs a function that builds and encourages the body. We can not play favorites in the body by only affirming certain gifts and denying others to use their gifts. Paul paints the picture of the Church acting as a living body. The body without the eyes can not see and a body without feet can not walk. We are hurting the body of Christ when we are saying to our members that their contribution to the body is less important. Paul encourages us to see that a healthy body is not missing limbs.

Every church needs to continually explore the ways they are inviting their members to participate in the church and how they are affirming the gifts of the body. In many American churches we often see the gift of musical worship and teaching being practiced but there is sometimes less energy being devoted to the other gifts in the body. Church leadership needs to examine if they are affirming those with gifts that are often neglected. Gifts of prophecy and evangelism for example can be hard to exercise in a church that has most of its ministries dedicated to serving families in the church. Believers with the gift of prophecy can feel forced to conform to church culture if they are not being appreciated for what they bring to the table. Evangelists also can feel boxed in if there is not support from church leadership in organizing the congregation to reach out to the community.


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