Speaking in Tongues. It’s uberz

Is the gift of tongues for every church today? If we want to know the power of God in our lives we should be seeking every spiritual gift that he has offered to us. The Bible tells us to eagerly desire the greater spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 12:31). The hard question is whether we should seek tongues if it is such a divisive issue in so many churches. Urging a congregation to seek the Holy Spirit in more supernatural ways often brings up a lot of mixed feelings and stirs up a lot of disagreements. Many pastors and leaders are not opposed to the sensational gifts but are very wary of the kind of fights these gifts stir up. Regardless of the risk though, we must remember that God does not call us to shirk from following after him and the counsel of Scripture and it is plain in Scripture that many of our churches have begun to forbid the speaking of tongues and it was a specific command that the Apostle Paul has told us not to do (1 Cor. 14:39). We must be careful today that we do not quench the Spirit’s fire in our desire to keep the peace in our church. Many times keeping the peace means allowing sinful behaviors to continue and we need to encourage our people to live in the manner the Bible calls us to. We must be churches that recognize tongues are a valuable spiritual gift that the Holy Spirit brings to our churches and we must welcome those who seek to use it to encourage the body.

Part 1 of The Series

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