Reasons why men aren’t dating

I can’t speak for the world, America or San Diego as a whole but I think there are some consistent themes that run true. 


1. Passivity- men are afraid to step out because of criticism. We can’t just blame people for being passive but we have to understand that passivity is sometimes caused by environmental factors such as a culture that is quick to criticize guys who ask girls out. Part of this is blamed on a Christian culture that urges marriage but takes dating too seriously in some cases. 


Solution– Dating should be taken seriously but not in a way that completely destroys a guys confidence if it doesn’t work out. We have to foster a more encouraging culture that encourages more friendship between men and women. It’s too much of a jump from acquaintances  to boyfriend/girlfriend. Make more friends people!


2. Baggage– This is an issue thats not talked about enough. A lot of people are coming from broken relationships. Some of these experiences inhibit people from wanting to enter a new relationship. 


Solution- Counseling and mentoring are helpful for the individual but as a community we need to see our part in this. Small groups and friends need to be patient yet intentional in helping people work through their past history. Understanding that Jesus redeems not just our souls but also our past relationships is a key to moving on. 



More to come!

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