Our New Harvest Pastor

As part of the Pastor Search Comittee I welcome everyone’s comments on what we should be looking for in a pastor. We already have a few candidates who are interested and we will hopefully be bringing them to speak in the near future but here’s my list of what is super important


  1. Ability to work with others and train other Christian leaders. This is big thing for me cuz Christian leaders are not islands. We need to work as a team and too many pastors fly solo.
  2. Track record of church/ministry growth. Resumes and essays are impressive but nothing speaks louder than the praise of other pastors/leaders that they have worked with
  3. Character- I would be very interested to know if the pastor candidate has close non-Christian friends and what they think of his character. Does he reflect Christ through his life?
  4. Theology and ability to teach- Don’t tell me what your doctrines are but show me how you came to that conclusion and what impact it has on Christian life
  5. VISION- What do you want to see in 5 -10 years. How do we get there? How will you measure your goals?

I want to put this out there so that everyone can keep me accountable to this list and challenge me to consider other areas I haven’t considered. I took on a position in the search comittee to serve you guys so plz let me kno how I can do my job better.

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