Why it is sexist to not allow women to be pastors

If you want to read the Bible as not allowing women in leadership you have to reconcile the fact that Miriam lead Israel through the wilderness and is listed alongside Aaron and Moses. There were also women who served in the capacities of prophetess and judge in the Old Testament (these offices btw are “speaking” offices). 


So here’s why a woman can be a Missions Pastor (just as an example)

  • A missions pastor does not serve as a head of the church
  • She would be helping the church fulfill the Great Commission which all Christians are called to
  • A missions pastor is not primarily responsible to teach or set the core/membership doctrines of the church
  • Most missionaries are women and it makes sense sometimes to have a leader that can understand gender specific issues

So while I do believe that Elders and Senior Pastors should be men because they are primarily responsible for teaching the primary doctrines of church life and are heads of the church; not allowing women in all pastor positions is confusing leadership with headship. 


To read more from the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. 


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