How to work with other churches

They key is… genuinely care and love other churches. Jesus prayed that his church might be one (John 17) and we need to strive to find all the things that we agree on.


How to find common ground

  1. The essentials you agree on
  2. Affirm each other’s strengths
  3. Make a habit of hanging out with leaders from the other group
  4. Figure out what you disagree on and how to not piss each other off


Inspired by new church movements that seek to cross denominational bounds

Here is an excerpt from Viral Churches.


The next type of partnership is typically called a network. Intradenominational networks operate as a specialized organization to assist churches by helping them partner together for best practices and best resources. They typically have common values and common pools of resources. Ultimately, however, they are built around a common (denominational) theology. The approach of many church planting centers today is to recognize that God’s kingdom is made up of Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptist, Pentecostals, Lutherans, and others (this is hardly an exhaustive list). These groups maintain their distinctive doctrines while agreeing to a baseline orthodoxy. Yet they also work with each other by sharing such resources as knowledge and training.

One predominantly intradenominational example is the NewThing network, profiled in Chapter Seven , many of whose churches are part of the restoration movement (the Christian Church emphasis of restoring the church of the New Testament rather than reforming the existing churches). Another intradenominational network is Seattle Church Planting, profiled later in this section.

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