How to talk to your parents about missions

4 Tips for Talking to Parents about Missions

You aren’t going to be able to just slip away for 5+ weeks this summer without your parents noticing, so you need to talk with them. 

If you’re like 75% of our short-term project applicants, you want to go on a summer project, but worry about what your parents will say. Don’t despair! Here are some tips that will help you dialogue with them and build stronger communication for the future: 

Do your homework. You need to understand the program and it’s goals BEFORE you talk with them. Why do you want to go on this program? What will you do? What do you expect to learn? 

Choose your words wisely. Speak in terms that make sense to them and in ways that will help them to feel comfortable. Put yourself in their shoes and address their concerns. Your parents are going to need pictures, facts, and good reasoning (see above). Possible talking points are below. 

Include them in the process.Don’t just make a proclamation: “I’m going to ____ this summer!” but instead invite them into this decision. This is a practical way to honor them. 

Let the conversation continue. This isn’t a one-time talk. Allow your parents time to warm up to the idea. Remember, you had to warm up to the idea too! 

What are you going to say? Here are some suggestions: 
1. You are going to learn about life in another part of the world. A cultural exchange like GoLiveServe’s summer projects not only builds bridges between countries, but gives us opportunities to mature as people. China and the Muslim world are key players in world events in the years ahead. 

2. It serves your long-term goals as well. Although your primary motivation should be to use this summer to serve and to share God’s love with others, it is true that thecross-cultural communication skills and international experience can be beneficial to your resume. Our projects seek to develop leaders who will live out their values in any situation they find themselves.

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