7 years of Harvest San Diego (Reflections)

When I first came to UCSD I thought Harvest was a FOB fellowship cuz the banner was like a Chinese red haha. Then Erik Fang brought me and I realized it was the extension of Harvest LA which was where I was from. Surprisingly, Harvest back then was kinda charismatic and that’s why I really liked it. I remember the worship was really good and it kept me coming back.

Then Pastor Jeff came and I discovered Reformed Theology. What actually really changed my life was being introduced to John Piper and that helped me to understand theology in a much deeper and helpful way. I think Reformed Theology also burdened me for missions because it helped me to see where the need really was and what we really should be living for.

As China Team is now being lead by Virginia and Phil and I’m taking a team to Kyrgyzstan, I realize how faithful God has been. I only realized how much I suck at leading missions after I started with OMF and realized how they do things. Thanks for putting up with me!

BTW, I think I have the record for most crazy ideas approved. Hopefully future aspiring leaders will have an easier time.

This is back in Freshman year when I was too cool for life

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