Thankful for CEC

As I’m finishing up my support raising for my job with OMF I realize how God has timed this job opportunity. I kinda wonder why I never looked into this job earlier and saved myself a lot of headache figuring out God’s will for my life. It wasn’t until I looked at my support numbers and realized that over half my donors are from CEC that I started to see how God timed everything. I’ve only been hanging out with the young adults from CEC for a few months and just began to start sharing with them some of the things I’ve been doing in China but I feel that God has really been moving their hearts. So much so, that some of them are even starting to go on our missions trips. But as someone pointed out, I also wouldn’t have been able to finish my support raising without their help. So thank you CEC. You guys came into my life just when I needed you the most. You have no idea how much of a blessing you guys have been to me.

BTW, I’m still $5,000 dollars away from finishing so if you know anyone who wants to get involved in missions let me know =op

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