The Wrath of God


(Click to watch video of the message. (I start by yelling at Stanley Dai).

The Wrath of God and God’s Judgment

Romans 1:16-2:16

-Demo of wrath-

Why couldn’t Adam have sacrificed a ram for the cleansing of his sins and stayed in the garden? Isn’t it a bit harsh to condemn his entire race for his one sin?

  1. General Revelation

  • Do people go to hell if they grew up never hearing about God? Is this fair?

  • The Physical Universe:

  • The Human Conscience:

  • Providence:

  1. Depravity

  • Do we have sufficient strength/ability to live a holy life pleasing to God?

  • Apart from the grace of God there is no glad:

  • Colossians 2:20-23

  • Everything we do is ___________.

  • Our punishment is __________ punishment.

III. Passing Judgment (Insert fart joke here)

  • From this passage, how are the people showing contempt for God’s kindness?

  • God is most glorified when I am:

  • The chief end of God is to glorify himself and to enjoy himself forever.

Woe to us if we get our satisfaction from the food in the kitchen and the TV in the den and the sex in the bedroom with an occasional tribute to the cement blocks in the basement! God wills to be displayed and known and loved and cherished and worshiped.”

~John Piper

IV. Sin and the Law

  • Are the Jews better able to follow God because they have the law?

  • There are God-fearing Gentiles.

  • The NT shows the Jews in a bad light.

  • The Pharisee and the tax collector are in the temple…one goes home justified.


  1. Think about someone you consider as godly. What characteristics make this person godly?

  2. Think someone you consider a hypocrite. What characteristics make this hypocritical?

  3. How do you obey the law?

  4. What do you pray about the most? What does that tell you about your values?

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