How to understand Romans

My message on Jan 6th, 2010 at CEC Kairos.

How to understand the book of Romans

1- A servant of Jesus Christ. Foundation of our Christian ministry.

  • Paul, formerly Saul, Pharisee of Pharisees and persecutor of the church. Studied under the famous rabbi Gamiliel. He was a strong scholar of the Old Testament and he uses his knowledge in crafting this letter. 
  • The Pharisees were a group dating back to the Intertestamental Period. They were keepers of the Law and culture shapers because they fought Hellenization. 
  • Paul identifies himself as a servant before anything else. He makes it clear that it is not his intention to “lord” over people but instead he desires to serve the Lord Jesus by being a servant of all
  • He was the 13th Apostle, the only one to have not seen Jesus during his earthly ministry but he instead he had a special encounter with Jesus.

continued in the video

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