Poor people are the backbone of missions giving

  “Sorry I don’t have any $ but I found this $5 on the ground”

That’s an actual quote from someone who put that in the missions offering this Sunday. That little note reminded me that Jesus changed the world with fishermen not businessmen.

When I was moving out my sophomore year of college it took me about 3 hours just to move everything into my car. For a person making minimum wage, u would be surprised how much stuff I accumulated. Even though I paid my entire way through college and had only pocket change to buy misc. stuff, it was enough money to live selfishly. I remember that night when I was looking at my packed car. “I only have enough to help myself, and there’s a lot I NEED.”. It was from that moment that I made a vow to live simply and commit to living sacrificially so that I could help others. I’m happy to say today that my credit card is half of what it was when I was in college.

I think it’s krazi that we often forget how rich we are. We are not only rich because of where we live or the cars we drive but just the fact that we can eat nice food, take trips and buy toys. I am so thankful there are people in our churches who understand what it means to love others like ourselves. As I finish up the budgeting our trip next week I notice the frequency of giving for those who make minimum wage and how the VAST MAJORITY of our missions budget comes from those who make about minimum wage. You might not think $5 is a lot but there’s only 1 person whose giving was commended by Jesus. It was the widow who gave 2 mites.

These were some of the kids I could have helped more if I hadn’t bought so much stuff that year.


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