Harvest + CEC= super encouraged

To be honest. We went into Saturday being $2000 short for our China missions trip next weekend and I was pretty skeptical that we were going to hit our goal. Instead we raised $4,000 in 24 hrs thru the CEC fundraising night and the missions offering today at Harvest. Now not only do we have enough for our trip but we can actually help out the house church in China with the $2,000 we pledged to help them with their staffing ( we originally thought we had to wait until next summer before we had the money).

One of the most encouraging stories was one of my conversations with a young family. I was telling them that I knew a friend in Norcal who were moving into a mobile home so they could give more to the church and how encouraged I was that an Asian American would give up comfort to serve God. What was krazi was that they started to consider if it would be possible for them to live in a mobile home too! I feel like God is already starting to shake this young generation to be radical in their Sending. I pray that God would raise up a people characterized by humility, modesty and love for the lost.

Also, I hope we don’t get like this. (New York Times reports on Spoiled Kids and life in CA)

and if you ever wonder we need to send missionaries…

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