I don’t cry often but this was heartbreaking

I’ve been serving in the Youth for 5 years now and before our current pastor came, I lead worship and gave the message every Friday and Sunday for a year. Throughout all this, our leadership received no help from most of the parents but youth group is usually like that everywhere. So tonight when I shared about my need for OMF and how without people’s partnership I can’t start my job I was hoping to at least have prayer partners. But honestly, when most of the parents make over $100,000 a year it would have been nice to see people partner with me financially too.

The part that was heartbreaking though was when I gave each parent a free copy of my first book and my support letter. I wanted them to read through my book and letter and see if God was moving them to partner with me. To my surprise, right after my presentation one of the parents came up to the person next to me and used my support letter as scratch paper and handed it to another person. That tore my heart out, as I watched her walk away with the book I gave her, knowing I have served her youth and see that she wouldn’t even consider reading through my letter to see if she wanted to support me. What was really tough was watching her do it right in front of my face and not even think twice about it.

I can endure 26 miles of running, months of hunger and the risk of being jailed for life but to see the parents of the kids you serve slap you in the face like that. It’s just too much.

One thought on “I don’t cry often but this was heartbreaking

  1. keep going brother, this is what the Lord has called you to! He is your source and he will see you through to getting all the funding that you need, even if the parents don’t yet understand God’s heart or your passion for missions. Don’t give up because you will reap a reward at the proper time if you do not give up. Gal 6:9 props to you for handling that situation with grace. I would have cried too.

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