Fundraising week #3- I love supporters who are poor

Worst moment of the week– I have a rich friend who I’ve known throughout college who I recently met up with. He is a business man who made a fortune through a legal services company that he later sold and is now just collecting consulting royalties on. It was pretty discouraging asking a Christian who’s networth is well over a million dollars and get told that he would love to help the poor and disabled orphans but that he’s just too cash strapped to even donate $10 a month.

BTW, I was upset for hours pretty much after this. He hasn’t really supported me in the past either but it was just his response that made me remember why 95% of my missions support in the past has come from those who make <$30k a year.

Best moment of the Week
– James Feng with his struggling acting/directing career promising to support me $1.50 a month (towards my goal of $35k). I know that sounds hilarious but I think it was really encouraging just to know that someone believes that the amount is less important than the intent. This officially is the lowest pledged amount I have ever got but easily the most encouraging moment because it reminds me… “Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of God”.

Oh Lord, please multiply the widow’s mite

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